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Coffig Gold 5.29oz Organic Bag

Coffig Gold 5.29oz Organic Bag

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BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS! COFFIG GOLD, is a naturally energizing organic caffeine-free coffee substitute. COFFIG GOLD is a coffee alternative made from the finest organic roasted black figs and chickpeas. It will get you through your day without the harmful effects of caffeine.

GET THE NATURAL EXPERIENCE OF COFFEE! COFFIG GOLD is made with only 2 natural ingredients, figs and chickpeas! COFFIG GOLD is a plant-based beverage with nothing added. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Naturally delicious!

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! COFFIG GOLD is the ideal coffee substitute for any coffee lover with dietary restrictions. Sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free COFFIG GOLD is perfectly EVERYONE Friendly. Enjoy Guilt-Free Energy Drink. Caffeine Free!

COFFIG GOLD is a Highly Concentrated Coffee Alternative... 1/2 - 1 Teaspoon. The amount you use is KEY to get (or achieve) the flavor you want, enjoy a boldness like no other. You might want to add a bit of Roasted Powder Carob or 85% Dark Chocolate Powder to make it just PERFECT!

ORDER COFFIG GOLD NOW 100% RISK-FREE! You don't have to be skeptical! We stand behind our COFFIG GOLD with such a certainty that we guarantee a full refund in the improbable case that it leaves you dissatisfied! Contact us through Amazon or directly through our COFFIG website about our LOVE IT or your money back.

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