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Ditch the fix, embrace the figs!

People want to cut down or remove caffeine completely from their diet for lots of reasons. If you're one of them, Coffig is for you. It tastes great and, unlike a cup of regular Joe, it will help you maintain constant energy levels throughout the day.

Make The Change

For Figs Sake!

Figs! We love them. And you should too. They're a superfood and have been shown to assist with digestion, metabolism, and blood pressure levels. They're also a source of many essential vitamins and minerals.

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The Andes best kept secret - until now...

Coffig is based on an ancient beverage discovered in the Argentine Andes by our founder. Driven to recreate the drink for everyone to enjoy, he worked hard for many years to refine the production process so that you can experience it too.

Our Mission


What sets us apart from the rest!

  • 100% Organic

    No pesticides, GMOs or processed sugar!

  • Fair Trade

    Locally sourced and ethically produced

  • Caffeine-free

    Dairy-free, plant-based + no gluten, grains or chemicals!

  • Health is Wealth

    All of the taste, none of the harmful side-effects!