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1A. Organic Coffig Tea Bags (Carton x20 Teabags)

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BOOST YOUR ENERGY LEVELS! COFFIG, is a naturally energizing organic caffeine-free coffee substitute. COFFIG coffee alternative made from the finest organic roasted black figs will get you through your day without the harmful effects of caffeine.

GET THE NATURAL EXPERIENCE OF COFFEE! COFFIG Original is made with only 1 natural ingredient, FIGS.  COFFIG is a fruit beverage with nothing added. No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. Naturally delicious!

TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH! COFFIG is the ideal coffee substitute for any coffee lover with dietary restrictions. Sugar-free, gluten-free and dairy-free COFFIG is perfectly KETO & AIP friendly. Enjoy Guilt-Free Energy Drink.

Our Highly Coffig Concentrated Coffee Alternative... Use 1 sachet for a regular rich flavor, double up 2 teabags for a darker or blacker drink!  The amount you use is KEY to get (or achieve) the flavor you want, enjoy a boldness like no other.

ORDER COFFIG NOW 100% RISK-FREE! You don't have to be skeptical! We stand behind our COFFIG with such a certainty that we guarantee a full refund in the improbable case that it leaves you dissatisfied. You're covered with our LOVE IT or your money back guarantee.

About Coffig

The right balance

With Coffig, you don't just benefit from what we put in. You benefit from what we leave out:

All the good stuff

😇 100% organic certified ingredients

😇 100% caffeine-free

😇 100% plant-based

😇 100% guilt-free clean energy

Nothing nasty

⛔ Zero Caffeine

⛔ Zero Gluten

⛔ Zero Dairy

⛔ Zero Pesticides

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Ditch the coffee

Keep your morning ritual

Like catching up in town with your mum or spending a leisurely Sunday morning with the papers and that special someone.

Enjoy those special moments without risking:

☕ High blood pressure

☕ Heartburn & indigestion

☕ Dehydration and bad skin

☕ Fatigue and tiredness

☕ Increased anxiety

☕ Headaches

☕ Spikes in blood sugar levels

☕ Interrupted or poor-quality sleep

Coffig for life!

Versatile and value for money

Enjoy Coffig hot or cold and make all your favorites from flat whites to chilled frappes. Drink any time of the day — even last thing at night

Great value at less than ¢30 per cup

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